The wait is over,
HI-IQ IRIS is here!

Building on the success of over 20 years serving interventional radiology and as the only system endorsed by the Society of Interventional Radiology, HI-IQ has evolved into a more modern, integrated, and user-friendly software platform called HI-IQ IRIS.

HI-IQ IRIS preserves the core competencies of HI-IQ and includes many notable advancements:

  • Enterprise-ready - HI-IQ IRIS is scalable for use across multiple facilities and departments, providing standardization and collaboration features for IDN’s
  • Interoperable - HI-IQ IRIS can be integrated with existing information systems, such as the HIS, EMR, RIS and inventory ordering system, to ensure a seamless workflow for clinicians
  • Easy-to-use – Browser-based, intuitive, simplified controls make use of the application fast and easy, even for end-users new to the system

Any IR department facing today’s challenges of decreased revenues, expanding patient volumes and increasing requirements for outcomes documentation to substantiate reimbursement will find HI-IQ to be an essential tool to meet current and future demands.

Explore the full capabilities of HI-IQ IRIS: