Interface Capabilities

Interface Capabilities

Spend less time documenting and more time on patient care.

Efficiency and accuracy are the keys to maintaining effective workflows in the IR department. Spend more time on patient care and less time manually entering patient demographics by having that information populated from your RIS. Review your schedule for the day or even the coming weeks to make quick decisions regarding staff and resource availability. Ensuring that all products used in a procedure are billed enhances reimbursement and enables educated decisions regarding product and encounter costs. With HI-IQ interfaces, these processes are executed automatically, so you can spend less time on documentation and more time on patient care.

HI-IQ utilizes the following interfaces to share information with other software:

Orders Interface (ORM):

Orders entered into your RIS can populate HI-IQ including (but not limited to) patient demographics, allergies, the ordered exam, the provider, patient notes, and dosage information. This information will populate when the patient arrives for their procedure.

Scheduling Interface (SIU):

Appointments scheduled in an ancillary system can populate the Room View in HI-IQ and will appear in the room and time slot allocated to the patient. Users can view the schedule for the day and into the future to make necessary workflow changes in real-time.

Billing interface:

CPT codes for procedures and charge codes for products (CDMs) can be sent automatically to the hospital billing system upon completion of an encounter. This results in accurate billing for all products and procedures performed in HI-IQ.

Procurement Interface (Products):

When new products are received in Materials Management, or changes are made to existing products, updates are sent via real-time to the HI-IQ product record. This ensures up-to-date product information is available for use in the department.

Procurement Interface (Usage & PO’s):

Products used during a procedure are automatically decremented from your on-hand inventory numbers, and updates are sent to Procurement to monitor what products need to be replenished.

PDF Interface (Case Summary):

The Case Summary in HI-IQ displays the complete visit for a patient with specific detail. Ensure this information becomes part of the patient’s medical record by sending a PDF of the visit summary to the EHR for physicians to review at any time.

Data flow using interfaces between HI-IQ and the EHR

The Charge Summary report in HI-IQ details charges sent to the ERP via the Billing Interface:

“We implemented an interface between HI-IQ and our billing system.  Every item is now scanned in to track supplies used, and supply billing is sent automatically to our charge capture system.  We saw an immediate increase in billing dollars.” 

And further, “We’ve reduced our inventory by 9%.  During our last physical cycle-count, we had a 16% error rate in our on-hand values. This was a decrease from the previous six months. We expect to continue this trend at our next count.”

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