Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Analysis is your first step towards improvement.

Improving the quality and efficiency of patient care is the goal of every department. HI-IQ software was developed as a tool to collect information essential for creating and maintaining a quality improvement program in your department. With HI-IQ, critical elements in a patient encounter are transformed into process analyses and data trends, resulting in the statistics needed to improve quality and outcomes.

HI-IQ utilizes key Insights to analyze quality improvement:

Procedure Volumes:

Services exclusively endorsed by the SIR are quantified and evaluated by operator, staff, room, and sedation plan.

Radiation Dosage:

Monitor radiation levels in order to educate patients that receive beyond a customized threshold for cumulative dose.

ASA & Sedation Plan:

Analyze procedural outcomes as they are related to patient ASA and sedation plan.

Adverse Events & Outcomes:

Calculate Adverse Event Rate per operator, procedure, as well as ASA and sedation plan in order to analyze outcomes in accordance with the SIR Standards of Practice.

Follow-up Management:

Evaluate long-term outcomes by ensuring patients receive proper post-procedural care with our Follow-up Management tool.

Audit Encounter Activity:

Review all activity within a patient encounter including the user entering the data, time stamps, and any changes made.

Service Volume Trend

(by quarter, actual customer data)

Service Activity Analysis

Adverse Event Trend

Adverse Event Analysis

“We recently underwent a mock Joint Commission inspection. The JC inspector reviewed patient-related processes performed in Interventional Radiology in excruciating detail.

The inspector was most impressed with our Quality Assurance and scheduling practices, which we manage using the HI-IQ system by ConexSys. When he asked us to generate reports on complication rates by service and outcome, he was taken aback by our immediate response, “What timeframe do you want to see?”

Within minutes we generated a report showing the classification of complications and outcomes. He was stunned.

In fact, he was so pleased with the detail of the documentation, he commented on using our Interventional Radiology department as a model for future IR sites as well as non-IR sites that he will evaluate.”

Dr. Anthony Eclavea
SIR Member

The Society of Interventional Radiology exclusively endorses HI-IQ as its preferred solution for meeting IR and member needs in functional areas served by HI-IQ.
SIR is not responsible for the performance of any products or services offered by ConexSys, including HI-IQ, or any representations or warranties offered by ConexSys.

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1SIR is not responsible for the performance of any products or services offered by ConexSys, including HI-­IQ, or any representations or warranties offered by ConexSys