Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Use HI-IQ Insight to prove the value of your department.

Collecting and documenting data is the first step toward determining the overall quality and added value that your department brings to the healthcare environment. But what do you do with all this data, and how can it be translated into reports and statistics that demonstrate your department contribution to the organization as a whole? Insight is the business intelligence tool embedded within HI-IQ that will process, analyze, and trend your data with just a few clicks. Access all the data from HI-IQ in easily accessible and editable formats – the data really is at your fingertips!

HI-IQ’s reporting tool, Insight, analyzes and presents data in the following ways:

Standard Reports:

Any report in HI-IQ can render data with one click. An extensive list of reports represents the most common analyses run by IR departments, and present data in a standard format that can be printed or downloaded for user consumption.

Customizable Reports:

All standard reports in Insight present a set of filters to allow the user to customize any report. Once you create a report you love, you can save it as a favorite, share it with other users, and run it repeatedly.

Business Intelligence Tools:

Insight is a business intelligence tool that enables users to view their data in several formats: trends, charts, and analyses. With HI-IQ, customers can easily customize statistics and render reports based on data collected in the department.

Trending Analysis:

Trending data over time reflects highs and lows that occur in the business. Use Insight for forecasting increased volumes to make staff adjustments, as well as analyzing adverse event occurrences over time to recognize patterns and enhance education.

Report Scheduling:

Insight offers the ability to schedule any report to be emailed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual basis. The report is generated automatically and a link to the report is sent to the user’s email.

Reports Service:

Let HI-IQ do the work! Our data analysts will work with each customer to establish report requirements and timelines that deliver requested reports to your email regularly. You enter the data and HI-IQ will

HI-IQ’s Business Intelligence tool - Insight

Service Volume Trend

Operator Volumes

Complications by Sedation Plan  with Age

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“Having detailed real-time data about procedural volumes and complications is a game changer. The reporting capabilities of HI-IQ make required tasks such as OPPE a breeze. Being able to respond to a request for IR data from a business manager with a few keystrokes is phenomenal.”

Scott O. Trerotola
Vice Chair for Quality, Radiology
Associate Chair and Chief, Interventional Radiology
Hospital University of Pennsylvania

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