Company Background and Experience

HI-IQ® was created in 1993 by the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) with the goal of providing interventional radiologists with a tool to evaluate and improve the efficacy of the care they provide. Today, HI-IQ enjoys a market-leadership position in the interventional radiology information systems space. Approximately 200 institutions across the United States utilize HI-IQ to manage the clinical and operational aspects of their practices. HI-IQ has evolved into a comprehensive interventional radiology information system and ConexSys is dedicated to supporting the evolving clinical and business needs of interventional radiologists, with a focus on providing a suite of tools to improve:

  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Revenue Recovery
  • Cost Containment

Capabilities Overview

Workflow Evolved. Data Empowered.

HI-IQ is a web-based software application designed to improve workflow efficiency and ensure quality outcomes. With the ability to streamline patient tracking, analyze QA processes, and manage critical inventory, HI-IQ is versatile to accommodate the full spectrum of clinical practices. By utilizing the business intelligence tools embedded in the application, HI-IQ easily provides the metrics needed to prove the value of your department.

Quality Assurance

Analysis is your first step towards improvement.

Improving the quality and efficiency of care is the goal of every IR department. HI-IQ software was developed as a tool to collect information essential for creating and maintaining a quality improvement program in your department.

Tracking and Communication

Workflow management = department efficiency.

The dynamic nature of interventional radiology department scheduling requires constant communication to ensure patient safety and optimal throughput. HI-­IQ supports this workflow, providing functionality you won’t find in a RIS or off-­the-­shelf scheduling system.

Inventory Management

Impact your bottom line while ensuring proper management of inventory

Managing inventory while reducing costs is effortless with HI-IQ. Reduce on­-hand stock value, eliminate “just-in-case” over-­ordering and generate reports to analyze usage data with our Inventory Management software.

Interface Capabilities

Spend less time documenting and more time on patient care.

Efficiency and accuracy are key to maintaining effective workflows in the IR department.  The time it takes to enter patient demographic information can be better spent at the patient bedside while that information is populated from your RIS.

Training and Implementation

Knowing how to utilize HI-IQ will result in Customer Success.

Empower your staff with knowledge about their patients, processes and data and use that knowledge to prove the value your department brings to the overall organization.

Data Analysis

Use HI-IQ Insight to prove the value of your department.

Collecting and documenting data is the first step toward determining the overall quality and added value that your department brings to the healthcare environment.

HI-IQ is the only product to be endorsed by the Society of Interventional Radiology, and it is the only product that contains SIR Standards of Practice, terminology and business rules. No other system on the market provides a cross-section of clinical, operational, outcomes and cost data with the granularity required to improve interventional radiology processes and procedures. HI-IQ is dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of interventional radiology through a close connection with customers and its partnership with the SIR. 

Unlike other systems on the market, HI-IQ was developed by and for interventional radiology departments and is complemented by extensive Quality Assurance, Inventory Management, Scheduling, Patient Tracking and Clinical documentation functionality. This ensures that clinicians and business managers are able to analyze the breadth of information required to determine the cost, quality and effectiveness of care. HI-IQ is pre-configured to meet the requirements of interventional radiology departments out-of-the-box and does not require any special loading or configuration prior to using the system.

HI-IQ offers tools to manage, monitor and improve workflow processes making practices more successful clinically, operationally and financially. This can happen many ways: by reducing redundant or routine tasks, by providing quantitative analyses to study outcomes, by improving communication within departments and between the interventional radiology department and other departments, or by making information available that was previously inaccessible. ConexSys offers more than just software. These tools work best when they become a part of the day-to-day workflow, and this is achieved through careful analysis of existing workflow, integration with other systems in the workflow, planning and phasing-in the new workflow, and monitoring results to ensure that goals are achieved.

ConexSys has more than 25 years experience implementing software in radiology departments around the world. ConexSys’ onsite workflow analysis, implementation, training and ongoing support services are designed to guide users through the implementation process from start to finish. Our implementation services are included with every software purchase because we understand both sides of the implementation equation: the business of IR and how HI-IQ can improve it. ConexSys’s goal is your success.

HI-IQ is well-positioned to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of interventional radiologists. Through its partnership with SIR, ConexSys keeps abreast of the latest clinical and regulatory issues facing IR. By utilizing HI-IQ you’ll gain much more than a simple practice management system, you’ll gain an interventional radiology information system that is in-tune with your evolving clinical and business needs.

Meet the Team

HI-IQ Management Team

Rhonda McLaughlin

Product Development Manager

HI-IQ team member since 2000.

As the Product Development Manger, Rhonda  enables HI-IQ to exceed our customers’ expectations and provides them with the necessary analytical data to improve the quality of patient care while reducing hospital cost related to scheduling (i.e. room utilization) and inventory supplies (i.e. just in time). Additionally, Rhonda ensures HI-IQ is continually evolving to meet our customers’ needs and in doing so the software is sound and enhancements are released quarterly.

Kevin the Mad

Kevin Lauzon, R.T.(R)(CT)

Software Design Director

HI-IQ team member since 2004.

Kevin is an experienced Design Director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong engineering professional skilled in HL7 Standards, U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Active Directory, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), and Data Center.

Heather Nogueira, CSM

Sales Director

HI-IQ team member since 2011.

As the Customer Success Manager, Heather demonstrates sales and account management expertise and oversees the Customer Journey from beginning to end. She spends much of her time working with customers to create Insight reports to analyze data that can help improve outcomes.

Alene Levy

Implementation Manager

HI-IQ team member since 2011.

Alene manages and prioritizes multiple, concurrent projects. She works with client departments to coordinate deliverables and content integration,  supporting customers through installation and interface setup/testing, go-live, and post-go-live. She also advises customers on workflow, technical and system bespractices, while training end users on the best use of HI-IQ software.

HI-IQ Customer Success Team

Sallie Backlund

Technical Support Specialist

HI-IQ team member since 2001.

Sallie is the Technical Support Specialist at HI-IQ and is the first line of defense for customers when they call in with questions or concerns about their software application.  Sallie is responsible for installing HI-IQ software, interacting with IT departments, and helping the customer through their software journey.

Peter Hazlett, CISSP

SaaS Administrator and HIPAA Security Officer

HI-IQ team member since 2019.

Pete is an Experienced Systems Administrator with a demonstrated history in the IT services industry. He is skilled in Windows and Linux Administration, Enterprise Architecture, Complex Troubleshooting, End-user Education, Project Management, Virtualization, Networks, SAN and NAS, Backup Solutions, Shell Scripting. Pete is also the HIPAA Security Officer for HI-IQ.

HI-IQ Development Team

Chris Nollstadt

Senior Software Engineer

HI-IQ team member since 2015

Katharine Craven

Business Intelligence Engineer

HI-IQ team member Since 2019

Samantha Bowers

QA Automation Engineer

HI-IQ team member since 2019

Jason Vessella

Associate Software Engineer

HI-IQ team member since 2023


Clinical Solutions Specialist

Location: Lincoln, RI
ConexSys is an independent software vendor with an international customer base.  We build, sell and support HI-IQ® a leading healthcare software solution for Interventional Radiology.   We are seeking a Clinical Solutions ...

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