Training and Implementation

Training and Implementation

Knowing how to utilize HI-IQ will result in Customer Success.

Empower your staff with knowledge about their patients, processes, and data, and use that knowledge to prove the value your department brings to the overall organization. Your staff has access to endless opportunities for success with patient care – it is essential they know how to use it. HI-IQ will train users on all aspects of the software through various remote and on-site methods, and arm users with the tools needed to improve outcomes in the department.

HI-IQ utilizes the following tools to train and implement HI-IQ Software:

On-Site Workflow Analysis (OWA):

An OWA – Onsite Workflow Analysis – is scheduled immediately following the purchase of HI-IQ. Our Implementation team will come on-site to evaluate your current workflow processes, interview all stakeholders in the project, and gather information needed to understand the most effective way to implement HI-IQ in your department.

Web-Based Training:

Pre- and post-implementation training is typically performed remotely via the web. This approach allows our Implementation Team to apply hands-on experience within the users’ software.

On-Site Implementation:

The Implementation Team will be on site for several days surrounding the scheduled Go-Live of the HI-IQ software. They will be there to assist in the training of staff, answering questions, and ensuring that the process runs smoothly.

Knowledge Base:

A database of all data and processes existing within HI-IQ is cataloged for user consumption. All workflow topics, how-to documentation, and videos are kept current within the Knowledge Base.

Customer Success:

At HI-IQ, we take the customer journey very seriously. Over the past several years, we have
implemented a Customer Success methodology when working with every hospital, department,
or individual. Customer Success is about ensuring that you reach YOUR desired outcomes while
utilizing our products and services.

The customer journey may begin when a contract is signed initially, but our goal at HI-IQ is to
continue the journey from training, through implementation, and then after your initial subscription
is Live. We strive to be partners from now and into the future by proactively reaching out with news
and updates. We encourage your feedback through UserVoice, so we can enhance our product
utilization and function. We offer a full spectrum of education and training – either via on-site or
web training, as well as quarterly “What’s New with HI-IQ” training videos.

The customer journey with HI-IQ never stops. We look forward to joining you on the road to Customer Success!

The Customer Success Journey:


Customer feedback is important to us at HI-IQ.  With every quarterly update, we incorporate changes and enhancements that our customers request.  A link to UserVoice is built into HI-IQ, which allows customers to enter any ideas for new features and improvements, and these ideas are posted for the community to vote on.  If the community feels it’s important, our developers will include it in our next version.  Last year alone, over 20 customer requests were incorporated into our software updates.

“We recently underwent a mock Joint Commission inspection. The JC inspector reviewed patient-­related processes performed in Interventional Radiology in excruciating detail.

The inspector was most impressed with our Quality Assurance and scheduling practices, which we manage using the HI-IQ system by ConexSys. When he asked us to generate reports on complication rates by service and outcome, he was taken aback by our immediate response of, “What timeframe do you want to see?”

Within minutes we generated a report showing classification of complications and outcomes. He was stunned.

In fact, he was so pleased with the detail of the documentation, he commented on using our Interventional Radiology department as a model for future IR sites as well as non-­IR sites that he will evaluate.”

Dr. Anthony Eclavea
SIR Member

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