Patient Scheduling
and Tracking

Patient Scheduling and TrackingThe dynamic nature of interventional radiology department scheduling requires constant communication to ensure patient safety and optimal throughput. HI-­IQ supports this workflow, providing functionality you won’t find in a RIS or off-­the-­shelf scheduling system.

HI-­IQ supplements your enterprise scheduling system and replaces manual methods of booking patients in a logbook and tracking procedure room schedules on a whiteboard.

  • Radiology orders automatically populate HI-­IQ’s appointment schedule via an HL7 interface, providing you with the patient’s name, medical record number, procedure type and referring physician.
  • Use HI-­IQ’s drag-­and-­drop interface to manipulate appointments and view when and where the procedure will take place.
  • Track patient and room related events with a mouse-­click. HI-­IQ’s color-­coded appointment status can be immediately viewed, eliminating the need for phone updates.

The HI-­IQ TouchSchedule, a large touch-­sensitive computer screen, replaces your whiteboard and serves as the control-­hub for schedule management. All actions can be audited and event histories can be analyzed to identify workflow bottlenecks, calculate room utilization and track day start and end times.