At ConexSys, Inc., a division of Custom Computer Specialists, an exciting career working alongside highly trained healthcare and information systems professionals awaits you. Our dynamic environment continues to evolve as we work tirelessly to combine the latest in technology with advances in medicine.

Capabilities Overview

Workflow Evolved. Data Empowered.

HI-IQ is a web-based software application designed to improve workflow efficiency and ensure quality outcomes. With the ability to streamline patient tracking, analyze QA processes, and manage critical inventory, HI-IQ is versatile to accommodate the full spectrum of clinical practices. By utilizing the business intelligence tools embedded in the application, HI-IQ easily provides the metrics needed to prove the value of your department.

Quality Assurance

Analysis is your first step towards improvement.

Improving the quality and efficiency of care is the goal of every IR department. HI-IQ software was developed as a tool to collect information essential for creating and maintaining a quality improvement program in your department.

Tracking and Communication

Workflow management = department efficiency.

The dynamic nature of interventional radiology department scheduling requires constant communication to ensure patient safety and optimal throughput. HI-­IQ supports this workflow, providing functionality you won’t find in a RIS or off-­the-­shelf scheduling system.

Inventory Management

Impact your bottom line while ensuring proper management of inventory

Managing inventory while reducing costs is effortless with HI-IQ. Reduce on­-hand stock value, eliminate “just-in-case” over-­ordering and generate reports to analyze usage data with our Inventory Management software.

Interface Capabilities

Spend less time documenting and more time on patient care.

Efficiency and accuracy are key to maintaining effective workflows in the IR department.  The time it takes to enter patient demographic information can be better spent at the patient bedside while that information is populated from your RIS.

Training and Implementation

Knowing how to utilize HI-IQ will result in Customer Success.

Empower your staff with knowledge about their patients, processes and data and use that knowledge to prove the value your department brings to the overall organization.

Data Analysis

Use HI-IQ Insight to prove the value of your department.

Collecting and documenting data is the first step toward determining the overall quality and added value that your department brings to the healthcare environment.


Clinical Solutions Specialist

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